Aircraft Rental

Aircraft rental is available. We offer Flying Club pricing with no monthly cost and no deposit. The following aircraft are available: (A $5 to $10 per hour fuel surcharge may apply due to fluctuating fuel prices. Please contact us for current rates)

Cessna 152 (110 horsepower)                            $125 per hour

Cessna 172N (180 horsepower)                         $165 per hour

Piper Cherokee PA-28-180                                 $165 per hour

Cessna 172E T-41 High Performance (210 hp)  $185 per hour

Piper Arrow PA-28R-200                                     $205 per hour

Robinson R22 Helicopter                                    $265 per hour

Robinson R44 Helicopter                                    $535 per hour

Certified Flight Instructor                                    $65 to $80 per hr

Click Here to download the Airwork Rate Sheet

Pilots interested in aircraft rentals are subject to a check ride with one of our certified flight instructors consisting of a flight review required by FAR 61.56.  A valid pilot certificate, current medical, and other documents are required.  All rental customers are required to have renters insurance.

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